Spot1Sterling was born into the horse industry; both his mother, Arlene, and father, Bill, were successful horse trainers. Bill’s talent and love of horses secured him a job at the University of Missouri, Columbia where he headed the horse program for 30 years. Sterling, and his brother Ed, grew up helping out with the family business taking on all sorts of horses; because of Bill’s experience with reining, the brothers were introduced at a young age to training a reining horse.

From this foundation, Sterling’s interest in training reiners grew and was developed further when he went to work at Carol Rose’s for three years. There, Sterling was introduced to the best reiners and working cow horses. From the first ride to a finished show horse, Sterling learned from some of the best hands in the performance horse industry that rode at Carol Rose’s.

A few years later, Sterling had trained his first Futurity Cow Horse and set out to Reno, NV to show him at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity. This trip also happened to be where he first met Heather.

Heather grew up in California giving riding lessons after school. During her years in college at Cal Poly, she had several jobs working on cattle ranches and race horse ranches. Anything outside with animals. She graduated with a BS in Agribusiness and a minor in Policy and Pre-law.  Regardless of the office job she held, she continued to give riding lessons in her spare time.

Sujos Nica world show (322x400)She was introduced to Pat Hubbert soon after graduating and took lessons in working cow horse on different horses she had; Pat offered to sell her a horse she couldn’t pass up. That horse, Sujos Nica, started Heather journey in the performance horse industry. Heather showed her in Cutting, Reining, Cow Horse and even Halter.

Around the fall of 2004, Sterling wound up taking a job at the Hubberts’ which started the unbreakable relationship with Heather.

The Hubbert’s had to make the hard decision to sell their place so Heather, always game for adventure, suggested that they move. Sterling made some calls and they packed-up and moved to Missouri. Sterling’s mom and dad offered their facility to work out of and as luck would have it, Sterling’s favorite house around the corner came up for sale. It was meant to be.